Flame Retardant Chemicals & Textile Specialties

CTF2000 is a chemical company, founded in 2000 and specialized in flame retardant chemicals & textile specialties. Approximately 45 employees (including 15 R&D staff members) at the Belgian headquarters contribute on a daily basis to the company’s success, resulting in a turnover of more than 25 million € in 2016. Driven by sustainable excellence in manufacturing, technologies and innovation and together with other divisions in the UK, Germany and China plus a worldwide network of selected partners, CTF2000 serves the global textile market. 


COOLCARE is the patented revolutionary alternative solution responding to consumers’ needs. With its exceptional sustainable profile, COOLCARETM is built into the skin of the fiber, retaining its durability withstanding friction and laundry cycles.Billions of tiny transparent PCM containing capsules are locked into a membrane and is based on an exclusive and unique patented technology.These capsules show the ability to absorb and to store our body heat resulting in the cooling effect. Simply SMART.


Our dedication to achieve operational excellence
Looking for a product which offers the following benefits: soil & stain resistance; water repellency and soil release? Then you definitely have to take a look at our Addiguard®product range.
 Addiguard® is a registered brand name for high performance water, oil and soil protection treatment. Textiles are never safe from stains (eg. grease, dirt & dust), but by applying our Addiguard® stain resists to fabric surfaces, you will create an ‘invisible shield’ to protect your fabrics without compromising on breathability, look and feel.

About Addiflam®

Your partner and technical center for fire retardants & chemicals specialities

Addiflam® is a registered trademark of CTF2000 and covers a full range of performant flame retardant products and coatings for technical textiles.  The selected products can be applied by padding, various coating systems (instable, crushed stable foam, paste, kiss roll, lamination…) either supplied as a ready-to-use compound or as an additive (powder, dispersions, emulsions, slurries) for self-compounding purposes.  Cost effective tailor made solutions are available upon end use, manufacturing options and level of durability required.

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The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environment management systems ensure our dedication to achieve operational excellence. Proudly certified with VECAP – Voluntary Emissions Control Action Program – CTF2000 achieved a zero discharge statute for water thanks to its unique waste water treatment. Its efforts and investments in Product Stewardship have been awarded with a Special Commendation for the Cefic EU Responsible Care Award in 2015. CTF2000 has registered selected flame retardant products on the Oeko-tex® list of accepted products.

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Levensloop in Kortrijk

U kent het: iedereen wordt wel eens rechtstreeks of onrechtstreeks met kanker geconfronteerd. Helaas geldt dit ook voor een jong familielid van één van onze medewerkers. Om hem en alle anderen die hiermee geconfronteerd worden een hart onder de riem te steken, nam CTF2000 op 9 en 10 september 2017 opnieuw deel aan Levensloop in Kortrijk.